Hi, I'm Rory. Leveraging expertise in visual craft and creative thinking, I help agency, in-house and client teams solve their most important marketing related challenges.
In my 15+ years as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, I've applied my skills to help create meaningful and impactful solutions for clients across multiple categories, including leading health & wellness and consumer brands, as well as the public and municipal services sector. 
With a knack for versatility, I bring to each team and opportunity an ability to tackle diverse projects, ranging from integrated campaigns and branding development to focused individual tactics and purpose-built digital experiences.
Regardless of the category or project, my passion and interest reside where compelling ideas meet together with compelling visual design and craft. Next to this, it’s collaborating with others in the sharing of ideas to create successful outcomes that I enjoy most about what I do. On that note, I'm currently open to new collaborations and opportunities. Feel free to reach out via my contact page.
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